I guess you could say I've been a photographer since I was a little kid, among other things... I just never really took it seriously until a couple years ago.
I mainly consider myself a landscape photographer, after having grown up in the beautiful state of Colorado. There's nothing more that I enjoy than being in the mountains and hearing the wind through the pine trees, the crystal clear streams and lakes, or seeing the golden "quaking" aspens. (that's "quake" like an earth quake... not quack like a duck) ;-)
With the growing up of our kids, I've started doing Sr. portraits and even some wedding photography. I am also doing more event photography.

Take a look around and leave me some comments! If you are interested in seeing a gallery but don't have access to it, send me an email with your info and I'll set you up to see some examples or direct access if you are affiliated with the event and/or people involved.
I'll be adding photos as we go, so don't make it a one-time stop!